Collaboration to Keep You Mobile

Intel has been working on power testing all components of a laptop to see if it can reduce power consumption, increasing battery life. This lead to the creation of a workgroup called Mobile Pc Extended Battery Life (EBL). The main goal of this workgroup is to help accelerate the achievement of all-day battery life for a laptop. The group consists of an impressive list of industry leading companies. It’s great to see that theses companies, many of which are competitors, are willing to work together to accomplish a common goal. One of the areas the group has focused on is using fuel cells to power laptops. Besides the fact that these fuel cells are extremely difficult to build, advanced power management would have to be applied due to a laptops irregular power drain. Unlike a battery, which stores charge, a fuel cell provides a steady supply of power. Unless properly managed fuel cells would have a problem supplying sufficient power during typical laptop operations such as burst of computing, spinning up disk drives, or running peripherals. Such variable power demands have to be first modeled in order to be able to create an effective power management scheme. This task has already been taken up by members of the workgroup. With the helpful guidelines set up by Mobile Pc EBL and intelligent low power design, at all levels, I’m sure we will soon be using our laptops on 8 hour flights to Europe.


Mobile Pc Extended Battery Life Workgroup

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