Free Yourself from Batteries

Researchers in the UK have developed tiny generators that can be used to power low power devices such as wireless sensors, eliminating the need for batteries. These generators are driven by ambient vibrations and small magnets to generate power. The University of Southampton scientists state that these generators can be up to 10 times more efficient than similar devices. What I found most impressive is the physical size of these generators. They are less than a cubic centimeter; this will make it easy to integrate them into most electronic devises. I came across other energy scavengers that use piezoelectrics to generate power, for example the Volture from MIDE. However, the Volture is a lot bigger compared to the tiny generators, making it less applicable to size restricted devices such as pacemakers. Overall, I believe that innovative energy harvesting technologies along with intelligent low power design can free a wide range of electronic devices from the burdens of batteries. Moreover, these technologies should definitely be considered as power sources in remote embedded applications

Tiny Generator

Tiny Generator

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