Small and Efficient Step-Down DC/DC Converters

Texas Instruments offers one of the smallest and most efficient 2.25MHz high-performance step-down DC/DC converters in the industry. The TPS62290, TSP62260 and TSP62240 can provide up to 1A, 600mA and 300mA of output current respectively. They can regulate an input voltage range of 2.3-6V down to an output voltage of 0.6V with +/- 1.5% accuracy. With a low 15uA quiescent current and 95% efficiency over the entire load current range these converters are perfect for low power DSP and embedded systems. They can be powered by a single-cell lithium-ion, three-cell nickel metal hydride or three-cell alkaline batteries. The converters have a Power Save Mode that is optimized for low output voltage ripple. Also, for low noise applications the device can be set into a fixed frequency PWM mode reducing current consumption to 1 uA. Available in a 6-pin 2mm X 2mm SON package the converters are great for space-constrained battery powered applications. It is very convenient to work with these converters since they do not require many external components especially when applying them to projects based on other TI devices such as the MSP430 ultra low power microcontroller.



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