Zero emission-computer

According to sources used by Zonbu a standard PC consumes an average energy of 175 W which translates to 2071 pounds of CO2 emissions or 107 gallons of gasoline per year. However if your computing needs are limited to surfing the Web, e-mail, music and movies, chatting over IM, and office applications such as word processing and spreadsheets, than you may help the environment by using a Zonbu. The sleek and quiet (no fan) Zonbu device operates at 15W which equates to under a pound of CO2 emissions a year. However, this is a little misleading; the Zonbu may only consume 15W at your house, but since it contains no hard drive instead only having 4 GB of local flash memory, most of your data needs to be stored online. This means that energy is also consumed at some server farm, in this case Amazon’s server farms. Since server farms are becoming more efficient, with companies like Google leading the way, the CO2 emissions will still be below the 2071 pounds.

For only 99$ and an extra $12.95 a month to get 25 GB of online space, $14.95 for 50 GB, and $19.95 for 100 GB, I think the Zonbu is a great device to parallel with your existing MAC or PC. The monthly payments should be mostly offset by the savings on your electricity bill. The device operates on a Linux based system with the same feel as Windows, having programs such as Firefox, iTunes-like music and movie playing application, Skype, email, instant messaging software, OpenOffice, which is an office suite compatible with Microsoft Office with a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software and more. Basically all you need for your everyday computing.

I’m sure there are a few innovative low power design techniques used to generate such impressive power results however probably most of the savings come from the lack of a proper hard drive and the low-power Intel-compatible processor made by the Taiwanese firm VIA. Hopefully as the design matures and all the little annoying problems that come with any new system are resolved, Zonbu like devices will be operating in every home. Check out their webpage for more info and ordering information.





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