Wireless Power

Broadcasting power through RF and using it to power electronic devices is not a new idea. This concept has been around for a long time, for example at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904 a prize was offered for a successful attempt to power a 75 W motor by energy transferred through space at a distance of 30m. However, for both technical and health reasons, wireless power transfer technologies have not yet made a stand in consumer electronics.  Focused beams of radiation are definitely a health safety risk, and energy bouncing of walls at different frequencies and voltage levels is difficult to capture as a steady voltage source. However, for low power applications there is hope. There are a few companies that have developed technologies that transmit power at safe levels making it possible to transfer energy to low power devices wirelessly. There are still major limitations to the technology. For instance, the distances that energy can be sent is limited to only about a meter and the amount of energy that can be transferred is limited to levels that can be used to recharge nothing bigger than a cell phone battery. But with electronics becoming less power hungry this could all change. Check out some of the start-up companies that are actively pushing the limits of this technology.


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