Atmel’s high-performance ultra-low power microcontrollers

Atmel® Corporation has introduced the AT91SAM7L series of high-performance, ultra-low power microcontrollers. The microcontroller incorporates a wide verity of innovative techniques giving you the tools to optimize your system for maximum power savings. In active mode, the power consumption is optimized via a programmable operating voltage, operating frequency, peripheral clock activity, and the use of DMA instead of the CPU for data transfers. While in the different standby modes the power consumption can be controlled via power switches, scalable voltage regulators, and the use of sampling techniques on Voltage Monitors, Power On Reset and Brown Out Detector. Three different standby modes are available, the power down mode, the backup mode, and the wait mode. Power down mode only supplies power to the fast wake up pin. In backup mode only the supply controller, the zero-power POR and the 32kHz oscillator remain running while you have the option of setting the RTC, the 2K backup SRAM, the BOD, the charge pump, the LCD voltage regulator and the LCD Controller to on or off. Finally, in wait mode the 2MHz RC oscillator provides a rapid wake-up time for fast external event management. In single supply mode which can go down to 1.8V the current is 0.5mA/MHz while in power down mode the AT91SAM7L typically consumes 100nA. Assortments of peripherals are available with this microcontroller along with a development board. Definitely, this is a great platform to considering when starting a low power embedded project. Check out the Atmel Press Room for more information, and links to the evaluation kit.

AT91SAM7S-EK evaluation kit

Atmel Press Room

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2 Comments on “Atmel’s high-performance ultra-low power microcontrollers”

  1. nitlogic Says:

    I started to make my graduate project which a robot based on microcontroller, the question is what is better to use pic16f84 microcontroller or Atmel 8051 ? please help me

    • John Artiuch Says:


      Could you give me more information about your application? How important is speed? Are you going to be doing very complex C coding? What is your budget for development equipment?

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