World’s First SMT Thin-Film Battery with Integrated Battery Management

Cymbet Corporation is a green technology company which specializes in thin-film batteries and energy harvesting technologies. The company has recently reviled the world’s first thin-film battery with integrated battery management. The EnerChip™ CC CBC3112 and CBC3150 thin-film batteries combine the Cymbet EnerChip with battery control logic in a single surface package. The package encompasses a thin-film battery, charge pump with integrated DC to DC converter, supply supervisor, low-ripple charger, configurable switchover to battery when input power fails, supply voltage status signals, and operation from 2.5 Volts to 5.5 Volts. The EnerChip CC CBC3112 is a 12µAh device and the CBC3150 is a 50µAh device. The EnerChip CC devices are packaged in either 7mm x 7mm or 9mm x 9mm DFN surface mount, reflow tolerant packages. The EnerChip CC has >5000 recharge cycles, low self-discharge, stable output voltage, and does not require a socket or holder which improves product reliability. This solution is an ideal replacement for supercapacitors and coin cells. A single EnerChip CC can manage multiple external EnerChips for high-capacity applications up to 500µAh. This is great technology which along with energy harvesting will bring us a step closer to smaller self reliant electronic devices.


EnerChip CC

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