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The Engineer’s Portal to Green Design

January 27, 2010

I have recently came across what I think is the best collection of low power design tips. This portal has some of the most cutting edge articles and papers regarding low power electronics. It is put together by three very accomplished editors.

This is a description straight from their page:

“Each day we’ll bring you the latest news—both staff written and aggregated from leading sources around the world—as well as in-depth design articles to help make your next device as energy efficient as possible. Our various blogs let you converse directly with our editors–the ex-Editors-in-Chief of Portable Design, EE Times and EDN. ”

Please take a look for yourself, it is definitely worth your time:

The Engineer’s Portal to Green Design

International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design 2009

July 21, 2009

This year’s Symposium on Low Power Electronics is taking place in the San Francisco Bay area and is scheduled for August 19 through August 21. The theme of this year’s conference revolves around green electronics covering specifically green data centers and green computing. The conference organizing committee has arranged for a set of complementary embedded (free of charge to conference participants) tutorials that accompanies these special session topics allowing for the symposium participants to probe more into the fundamentals and learn by interacting more on these hot topics. I have attended an ISLPED symposium in the past and only have good things to say about it, if you are interested in the Low Power Design space I strongly recommend attending.


Low Power Design Seminars

February 18, 2009

Freescale has partnered with design house Nuvation and is giving low power training experience. The seminars will help you reduce your power consumption, BOM cost, time–to–market. Design engineers looking for practical techniques for balancing the design challenges of portable product development are especially encouraged to attend. An understanding of embedded system design and “C” programming is beneficial.

Please take a look to check the locations and dates of the seminars:

Low Power Microcontroller

Low Power Microcontroller Seminars

IEEE Energy Conference

November 7, 2008

The IEEE is organizing a conference that will allow for the exchange of ideas amongst experts from a broad range of disciplines on the technology, policy and economic framework required for the creation of a global sustainable energy infrastructure by 2030. The conference is going to be held on November 17th and 18th in Atlanta.

Some of the topics of interest are:
Reduced Carbon Generation
Reducing Energy Consumption
Replacing Fossil Fuel Consumption at the Load Point
Smart Grid and Power Delivery

IEEE Energy Conference

Electronic Open Source Community

October 8, 2008

Although this post is not strictly related with low power design, I wanted to share a great webpage that offers some very useful content when it comes to embedded systems. This is a webpage that filters through useless information and offers great articles, tutorials, reference designs and code examples for a wide range of electronic applications. I have found many articles that have helped me get started on designs or helped me understand and debug problems with my designs.

Please take a look: You Electronics Open Source

2008/09 Power Supply Design Seminar

September 26, 2008

Texas Instruments is offering a one day Power Supply Design Seminar. The content is both technical and practical. The seminar is good for engineers just beginning their careers, experienced power supply design engineers and engineering managers responsible for the power supply portion of the system/application. The main focus of the seminar is on the techniques of practical power supply design. The seminar is offered all over America and will also be coming to Asia and Europe.

Topics for the 2008 Seminar Series Include:

High Power Factor or High Efficiency… You CAN have Both
Reducing EMI from SMPS by Applying Spread Spectrum Techniques
High-Voltage Energy Storage – The Key to Efficient Hold Up
Under the Hood of DC/DC Boost Converter Design
Improving System Efficiency with a New Intermediate Bus Architecture
Using a PMBusTM for Improved System-Level Power Management
New Advances in Digital Power Control
New Product Review

Texas Instrument’s power supply engineers have a great amount of experience and are considered to be Gurus worldwide. I’m sure that this seminar will be very beneficial for anybody working with power supplies.

2008/09 Power Supply Design Seminar

Emerging Communications 2008

September 16, 2008

This is a site where you can view some of the talks given at the Emerging Communications Conference in Silicon Valley (2008). A lot of the talks are focused around innovation and the direction technology is moving in. The reason I’m posting this on this blog is because you will notice that a lot of the speakers mention how important low power consumption is becoming in advancing technologies. Please take a look, because there are some excellent talks by some of the leading people in technology.