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Ultralow Voltage Step-Up Converter for Energy Harvesting Applications

November 7, 2010

The LTC3108-1 is a DC-DC converter designed for energy harvesting applications. It is capable of managing surplus energy from extremely low input voltage sources (as low as 20mV) which is perfect for energy harvesting generators. For detailed information visit the Liner Technology LTC3108-1 product page.


Energy Harvesting Journal

June 30, 2009

I just wanted to share a link to the Energy Harvesting Journal. This is a great place that has some very interesting articles and a collection of great technology that focuses on energy harvesting.

“Energy Harvesting Journal provides you with a free daily update of the latest industry developments. Launched in February 2009, this free portal covers progress of energy harvesting and energy storage in all its forms.”

Please take a look, it’s worth it!!!!

Energy Harvesting Journal

Energy Harvesting Journal

Energy Harvesting Demo Kit

September 4, 2008

AdaptivEnergy offers a demonstration kit that can harvest energy to power a microcontroller and a low power radio, this is a perfect combo for sensor networks. AdaptivEnergy’s piezoelectric harvester is said to allow up to ten times more strain to be applied to the piezoceramic than competing piezoelectric energy harvesting devices. The kit comes with a chipset consisting of a low power MSP430F2274 microcontroller and a CC2500 RF transceiver. This breakthrough in energy harvesting makes it a lot more feasible to have maintenance free smart sensor networks. Take a look at the product brief for more information.

Product Brief

Battery-free Wireless Sensor Networks

March 11, 2008

Energy harvesting is increasingly gaining popularity and momentum across many different market spaces. When it comes to combining energy harvesting with wireless networks EnOcean and Green Peak are on the forefront. EnOcean provides battery free wireless sensor networks that are capable of transmitting some 300m with just 50 microjoules of energy. These sensor modules harvest tiny amounts of energy from their surrounding sources such as linear motion / pressure, light, temperature change, rotation and vibration. GreenPeak offers a similar technology which can be easily integrated into existing products. Their tiny wireless module integrates a transmitter/receiver, antenna, and low-power mesh network software on a single device. The module’s software can be configured to manage the power of different types of energy harvesting devices. OEMs can also add their own applications to the module, thereby eliminating the need for an external processor. A great example of how this technology can be used is the new 57-story Torre Espacio skyscraper in Madrid which uses 4,200 wireless buttons to control its 4,500 lights, thereby enabling all interior walls to be moveable without rewiring any light switches and at the same time providing a platform for intelligent power management of the building. Green intelligent buildings can save up to 30% energy as well by replacing batteries these devices eliminate toxic waste from disposed batteries which is also a great improvement to the environmental footprint that we are leaving. I believe that energy scavenging will become increasingly popular across all industries, and add more flexibility to low power oriented designs. Take a look at these truly innovative companies:

Green Peak - CM-08