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Design MSP430 Ultra-Low Power Challenge – $10,000 In Prizes

October 28, 2009

Hello everyone, there is an exciting low power design competition put on by Texas Instruments. You can win cash and TI development tools. I personally think that the MSP430 is a smart choice for any embedded design especially one that prioritizes battery life. I like working with the MSP430 and there is a lot of help from TI and from other online communities so even if you are not familiar with it don’t hesitate to start.  It’s going to be interesting to see all the creative designs and see how low the power consumption can get.

The contest information is below:

Show us what you’re made of by submitting your MSP430 eZ Designs and learning from other MSP430 users around the world. Choose from your favorite ultra-low power devices and tools – MSP430×1xx, MSP430F2xx, MSP430×4xx, MSP430F5xx, CC430Fxxxx. Submit your design in the MSP430 forum and learn more about the world’s lowest power MCU.

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