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Ultralow Voltage Step-Up Converter for Energy Harvesting Applications

November 7, 2010

The LTC3108-1 is a DC-DC converter designed for energy harvesting applications. It is capable of managing surplus energy from extremely low input voltage sources (as low as 20mV) which is perfect for energy harvesting generators. For detailed information visit the Liner Technology LTC3108-1 product page.


The Engineer’s Portal to Green Design

January 27, 2010

I have recently came across what I think is the best collection of low power design tips. This portal has some of the most cutting edge articles and papers regarding low power electronics. It is put together by three very accomplished editors.

This is a description straight from their page:

“Each day we’ll bring you the latest news—both staff written and aggregated from leading sources around the world—as well as in-depth design articles to help make your next device as energy efficient as possible. Our various blogs let you converse directly with our editors–the ex-Editors-in-Chief of Portable Design, EE Times and EDN. ”

Please take a look for yourself, it is definitely worth your time:

The Engineer’s Portal to Green Design

Design MSP430 Ultra-Low Power Challenge – $10,000 In Prizes

October 28, 2009

Hello everyone, there is an exciting low power design competition put on by Texas Instruments. You can win cash and TI development tools. I personally think that the MSP430 is a smart choice for any embedded design especially one that prioritizes battery life. I like working with the MSP430 and there is a lot of help from TI and from other online communities so even if you are not familiar with it don’t hesitate to start.  It’s going to be interesting to see all the creative designs and see how low the power consumption can get.

The contest information is below:

Show us what you’re made of by submitting your MSP430 eZ Designs and learning from other MSP430 users around the world. Choose from your favorite ultra-low power devices and tools – MSP430×1xx, MSP430F2xx, MSP430×4xx, MSP430F5xx, CC430Fxxxx. Submit your design in the MSP430 forum and learn more about the world’s lowest power MCU.

Get your free silicon samples at
Get your discounted development tools and software at, and save through January 19, 2010:
• Get a 25% tool discount on any MSP430 development tool through Avnet.
• Get a 50% discount of the Code Composer Studio v4 software (a $500 value) through Avnet.

TI Microcontrollers on Facebook:


Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi for Sensors and Embedded

September 28, 2009

GainSpan is a low power Wi-Fi semiconductor company providing Wi-Fi chips for battery-powered or energy-harvesting-based sensor applications. The products claim to be able to run sensor devices for up to 10 years on a single AA battery. I have never used one of these chips so I’m not sure about the performance or actual power consumption but GainSpan definitely has the right idea…..Smart Low Power Sensors.



Low Power MCU Comparision: nanoWatt XLP Vs. MSP430

September 9, 2009

This is a video of a test done by Microchip comparing their nanoWatt technology to the MSP430. This is a good demonstration of Microchips efforts to catch-up to Taxes Instrument’s low power experience.

International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design 2009

July 21, 2009

This year’s Symposium on Low Power Electronics is taking place in the San Francisco Bay area and is scheduled for August 19 through August 21. The theme of this year’s conference revolves around green electronics covering specifically green data centers and green computing. The conference organizing committee has arranged for a set of complementary embedded (free of charge to conference participants) tutorials that accompanies these special session topics allowing for the symposium participants to probe more into the fundamentals and learn by interacting more on these hot topics. I have attended an ISLPED symposium in the past and only have good things to say about it, if you are interested in the Low Power Design space I strongly recommend attending.


Energy Harvesting Journal

June 30, 2009

I just wanted to share a link to the Energy Harvesting Journal. This is a great place that has some very interesting articles and a collection of great technology that focuses on energy harvesting.

“Energy Harvesting Journal provides you with a free daily update of the latest industry developments. Launched in February 2009, this free portal covers progress of energy harvesting and energy storage in all its forms.”

Please take a look, it’s worth it!!!!

Energy Harvesting Journal

Energy Harvesting Journal